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Protecting your walls and cabinets from brazing, soldering and welding can be easy with the plumbers heat resistant pads. Protect your self using some plumbers knee pads and the plumbers pads.

Plumbers Pads, Fabric Pad
Fabric Pad

Flame Resistant Pads
The pad pictured above is flame resistant to 2000░ applications, which makes it ideal for brazing, soldering and welding. You can use this flame resistant pad to protect your stids, walls, cabinetry, floor and other surfaces from heat of the flame. These 40 oz pads are designed to fit in your tool box or hang in your work shop.

The pads come in the following sizes at different prices at e-Tarps.
12" x 12" - $6.38.
28" x 32" - $30.00.
6" x 6" - $2.93.
8" x 10" - $3.30.
9" x 12" - $5.25.

Plumbers protection pad
Plumbers Protection Pad

Plumbers Protection Pad
While you work protect your back, body and knees with the plumbers pad, this pad has won awards for helping plumbers stay injury free. This ergonomically designed plumbing tool is the ideal back support pad for tradesmen working inside bathroom or kitchen cabinets. The Plumber's Pad is a long needed safety tool that greatly improves working conditions and helps to reduce back strain and injuries.

For more information see Bennette Design Group.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

e-Tarps - Plumbers pads, different size fabric pads to protect walls etc against the likes of soldering and welding.

Protec Direct - Knee pads, plumbers kits, related products on this site are action trouser c/w knee pad pockets, plumbers pads.

Tooled Up - Blow torch mats, heat pad resists temperatures up to 600 degrees.

D & M Tools - Plumbers pads, monument glass fibre plumbers mats, heat resistant pads, brazing pads and more plumbers equipment.

Plumbers Pads, Soldering and Brazing Pad (Click to enlarge)
Soldering and Brazing Pad (Click to enlarge)

Soldering & Brazing Pad
This Heat Pad resist temperatures up to 600 ║, and does not present any of the hazards associated with asbestos material ideal as a plumbers pad.

The pad is made from HDW graphic, woven glass fibre and measures 10in x 10in. (250 X 250mm) and priced at ú3.88 inc VAT from Tooled Up.

Knee pads
Knee Pads

Plumbers Knee Pads
The plumbers pads above are made to protect your knees while having to reach in to low places like under sink units and behind toilets, the plumbing pads cost ú4.69 inc VAT and can bought from Protec Direct.

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